About SmartStash

Smart Stash Insurance Centers is designed to educate the average worker who wants to reduce their unnecessary tax bill and make sure their money and property goes exactly where they want it without government interference.

We teach strategies using proven and trusted financial products and strategies that help clients build, protect and use all of their retirement money without paying too many unnecessary taxes.  The government knows most the money in the economy is contained inside a well known retirement fund called a 401k plan.  They have ultimate control of 100% of your money until you take out the funds.

The money is not yours until you pay the taxes.

The biggest concern and little-known fact is that the average person pays over $500,000 in taxes in their lifetimes if they use a 401k or other similar retirement plans to save for retirement.

In addition to their retirement plans being taxed at unknown rates, their Social Security income will be taxed as well.  You are taxed by Social Security on your pay check and you are taxed when you retire.  It is a great deal for the government but, not for our customers.

We want to make sure our clients know the best way to keep their money and let it grow in a tax-free environment that few people are aware works to strengthen their retirement plans and create a tax-free retirement income.

Please contact us now to see if a Smart Stash retirement supplemental plan is available for you.